Thank you for voting!

The polls closed February 14, 2017, as STCU members re-elected three incumbent leaders to the Board of Directors. Congratulations to:

Dolores Humiston
Nick Leute
Mike Rennaker

In addition, members also elected a new representative to the STCU Audit Committee. Congratulations to:

Lisa McCann

Annual meeting

STCU's annual meeting is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Monday, March 27, 2017, in the lower auditorium of the Main Branch, 106 W. Nora Ave., Spokane. The annual meeting is open to all STCU members.

What your elected leaders do

Elected Board and Audit Committee members serve three-year terms and, if re-elected, may serve up to 12 years as a Board director or a member of the Committee. The STCU Board has nine elected members.

Board members help to set STCU policy, to approve budgets, and to assure that the heart of the member is the credit union's No. 1 concern. The Audit Committee has three elected members and ensures completion of required audits and member account verification.

For a complete list of elected leaders, go here.

Media contact

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