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A photo of a Wm. Winkler Co. worksite.
A photo of a Wm. Winkler Co. worksite.
A photo of a Wm. Winkler Co. worksite.

Wm. Winkler Co.

Founded: 1919
Employees: 150+
Headquarters: Newman Lake, Wash.
STCU member since: 2016

A 100-year-old concrete construction firm.

Brian Winkler knows that great businesses are built on great relationships — and probably some concrete, too.

When Wm. Winkler Co. started pouring concrete in 1919, the state of Washington didn’t have a mile of paved road. Now, the Newman Lake-based company’s distinctive stamp can be found across the western United States, on factory floors, neighborhood sidewalks, and interstate highways.

"Things move at STCU."

Winkler prides itself on remaining competitive in a fast-paced, changing industry, and relies on STCU Commercial and Business Services for the products and support it needs.

"We provide the best tools and the latest technology to continue to grow and stay ahead of the curve," Brian says. "That's part of the reason we're with STCU."

Tools for success.

With hundreds of thousands of yards of concrete to pour and hundreds of contracts to manage, Wm. Winkler needs to know that transactions are processed accurately and on time.

With the help of business tools from STCU, such as remote merchant deposit and automatic sweeps, businesses can increase cash flow and productivity.

Remote merchant deposit lets you deposit checks from nearly anywhere with a convenient desktop scanner. Automatic sweeps move funds between accounts for you, helping to boost dividends and avoid fees.

Technologies may change, but Brian knows that providing a great place to work remains constant.

A photo of Brian Winkler and coworker beneath an America flag at a Wm. Winkler Co. worksite.“We’re blessed to have great people with us," he says. "We pay good, have good benefits, and stay true to our core values, which are similar to STCU’s.”

That commitment to employees is evident in the multiple generations of families that work at Winkler.

“It’s part of our longevity,” Brian says. “It feels good to know that a father would recommend us to his son, and his son would do the same.”

Expanding its footprint.

Wm. Winkler is putting the finishing touches on a 26,000 square-foot precast concrete facility at its Newman Lake headquarters, with financing help from STCU.

STCU offers lines of credit, term loans, and credit cards to help business thrive.

“In business, you need capital to grow, and STCU has been able to provide what we need.”

“Things are happening in Spokane,” Brian said. “How can we be a piece of that? We’re going to provide the services that the economy needs to grow and sustain, and you can expect another hundred years from Winkler.”

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