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A photograph of a wall of pencils.
A photograph of a wall of pencils.
A photograph of a wall of pencils.

Figpickels Toy Emporium

Founded: 2005
Employees: 15-25
Headquarters: Coeur d’Alene
STCU member since: 2019

A family-owned and family-run wonderland.

Owners Brett and Susan Sommer believe in spreading joy and serving their community.

Since opening Figpickels in downtown Coeur d’Alene 15 years ago, the couple has seen their toy store become a destination for the curious and creative.

“During the summer, families visit Coeur d’Alene from across the world,” said Brett. “We try to spread a little magic while they’re here.”

The couple also owns Mrs. Honeypeeps Sweet Shop, located a few doors down on Sherman Avenue, and run both stores with their two sons, Austin and Devin.

“We’re a family business — a real family business. The whole family works here,” Brett said. “And the member-owned credit union model seems to be where the magic happens for us,” added Susan.

“STCU has new ways of solving problems, and a real sense of purpose.”

Following some unpleasant experiences at larger commercial banks, the Sommers moved their business banking to STCU. “I started noticing charges every month for change and to put cash in their bank,” said Susan. “That was about the time that STCU moved to Downtown Coeur d’Alene.”

“STCU was so welcoming,” said Brett. “And didn’t charge for change.”

Business banking on the go.

As small business owners, Brett and Susan wear a few different hats. “You have to be an engineer, a customer service specialist, and a financier,” said Brett.

Online banking and the STCU mobile app can help lower the stress. “I totally depend on online banking,” said Susan. “They have one of the best interfaces I’ve run across.”

From multi-user access to billpay, ACH, payroll, and more, online and mobile banking gives you the power of STCU Commercial and Business Services in a do-it-yourself package.

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A photograph of Figpickels owners Brett and Susan Sommer

“Nothing is too big a task for STCU.”

STCU has been helping local business thrive and grow since 1934, and because we’re a financial cooperative, we do things differently. By focusing on people first, and learning what it is they need to succeed, STCU helps businesses free up time and energy to serve customers and improve operations.

“We have a few unusual needs as a company downtown here, and it’s nice to know that we’re given the same respect as a huge company,” Brett said. “It says a lot about STCU.”

“We’re philosophically aligned with STCU’s mission.”

Figpickels and STCU share many core values, chief among them a firm commitment to helping students and educators in their community.

“For 15 years, we’ve seen teachers come in and spend money on their classrooms,” said Susan. “So, during the holidays, for every $20 spent, we give customers a pencil to represent a dollar that we’ll give back to a teacher.”

Like Brett and Susan, STCU often sees teachers dip into their own pockets for supplies, technology, and more. That’s why last year we awarded over $27,000 to 108 educators in our region.

“Things are changing, and it’s important for people to have ownership,” Brett said. “When we go to STCU, we’re all a part of what they do.”

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